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Day Center - Somerset The place where it all begins, the place where those who need help come, the place where a hand is extended to you and where everyone is received with warmth and friendship. Read more about Day Center in need
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Donate 3.5% of income tax By redirecting to the Somerset Romania Foundation, you will know exactly where the 3.5% end up and what happens to them. Support a case by filling out and submitting a form. Download here FORM 230 hope
A small gesture
Donations by bank card Support with us a cause, a project or an action through a donation with a direct card in the bank account of the Somerset Romania foundation Donate here by bank card many lives
With us we
Donate 20% of your income tax Redirecting 20% of the profit tax to Somerset Romania is an insurance for a better future for disadvantaged children and families It directs 20% of the profit tax destinies
A simple gesture
Food, clothes, school supplies Offer with us every month, week or day, a box of food, clothes, school supplies or essential goods for those in great need Contact us here generations

Warm meal, a little joy, a little help


A coat, a table, a small support


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About Us

Somerset Romania - Programs that helped communities

Rediu – the place where we start

In Rediu, where Somerset Romania has both its headquarters and a Day Center, the fruits of social assistance projects are beginning to appear in recent years. Our projects and activities are directly aimed at disadvantaged children, students and families in this area. The projects aimed at helping a large number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion. In addition to aid with food, clothing, medicine, the provision of packages of supplies to students, special attention is paid to counseling services to prevent school dropout and parenting activities.

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Pungeștia better life

This active project in 2018 targeted the poor community in Pungești and is one of the most important projects in Vaslui County, along with the project in Dragomirești. These projects are European funded and have been implemented together with private partners, the town hall and the local school. Through this project will increase the level of education for 245 children in the commune, a program will be provided for 20 people in a situation of school exclusion benefiting from the “Second Chance” program and vocational training of 276 people.

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Slobozia – a ray of hope

Somerset Foundation, since its establishment fifteen years ago, has run numerous programs in the village of Slobozia in the commune of Voinești to help and support the Roma community in great difficulty. The programs, and all other activities carried out here, aimed at parental education, qualification in the textile industry of rroma women, clothing donations, handicraft activities, activities to strengthen and improve relations between parents and children or between foundation volunteers and young people in the community, education and support of children in schools.

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Somerset Community

The Somerset Iasi Foundation is part of a larger family, the Somerset Foundation, which runs projects to help several human communities in various countries affected by poverty, war or other plagues.


Somerset Foundation in Romania permanently carries out activities for fundraising necessary to carry out charitable actions









Somerset volunteer actions

The Somerset Foundation is constantly supported and assisted by many volunteers involved in fundraising and helping disadvantaged people.

I became a VOLUNTEER

We need your help regardless of your qualification or specialization and we call on you to take important steps together for a better life in our community. We are waiting for you.

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