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Newsletter no. 60 September - December 2015
Founded in 2007
Somerset Charity - Iasi - Step by step
Beginning of school year
September is the month that marks new beginnings for school children everywhere: a new academic year with many challenges, set objectives to be achieved and overall a more consistent knowledge base. Desirable is only the theory taught in school to find their counterpart in the practice of everyday life.
This year we went on the road with a total of 13 young people, of which 12 enrolled in high school grades 9-12 and one three school year at Grigore Ghica Voda Iasi sanitary college . Each of them have big plans: we learn together, we suffer or rejoice together, grow together, however for them to develop beautiful and to mature ready to face life as it is, with good and bad.
In achieving this objective we support a group of 8 young distinction, all students in the second year social work specialization in the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. They are volunteers with wich we have worked very well last year and we are confident that we will achieve our goals this year, namely academic and personal development for each young people receiving financial support from the Foundation Somerset .
Youth Club
Since October we resumed socio - educational activities dedicated to high school students: individual and group support to perform themes from the volunteers , one on one mentoring , group meetings from Voineşti .
Thus we are trying to create the right framework for their harmonious development by combining business with pleasure.
Groups of Children
Children in Slobozia, preschoolers, schoolchildren and adolescents, met on weekly activities sorted by age, attending short interactive presentations on various topics of interest and games that help them develop their vocabulary and thinking: crossword puzzles, dominoes, chess, puzzles, etc.
Each week participating in these meetings is number of about 120 children. From November this year our colleague Renata has a reliable aid in working with these children. It's Flavia sophomore voluntary and student in the second year with social specialization of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.
House groups with adults
We also continued weekly meetings with young families in Slobozia in order to improve their capacity in couple relationships and self-catered.
Also in November the number of groups organized weekly rose to five , worth a total of about 30 people participating , plus families and singles .
We continued in this period, bimonthly meetings, with young mothers in Slobozia, Voinesti, Iasi County, trying each time to come to their support and meet the needs of information or, where appropriate, material needs that they face in every day life.
Training project "Active employment in the labor market"
In November took place the concluding conference of the project "Active employment in the labor market", project financed from European funds and under which a total of 792 Rom ethnicity people of North East region of the country could benefit from counseling and vocational guidance and training courses .
Among the qualifications acquired on completion of these courses under trade worker, hairdresser, manicure - pedicure, florist, decorator, mechanic aid. Apart awarded, beneficiaries have received one grant worth 800 lei, a pack of 300 lei food and other useful materials for integrating in the labor market .
Winter holidays
At this year's Christmas celebration dedicated to children from Slobozia was attended by about 120 children , plus their parents, numbering around 30 people.
As every year, the children prepared Christmas carols, poems or verses concerning the birth of the baby Jesus and finally received gifts, there was great joy, both for them and for their parents.
In respect of young high school students, the end of the year we celebrated with them on Voineşti in a festive atmosphere . Not to miss mirth , music, games and even presents. We thank our volunteers who helped us in organizing this event.
Not at least, the families from Slobozia, tht are attending weekly meetings constantly throughout the year, were invited to the foundation of the village Rediu, Iasi County, where they have spent quality time with our colleagues Samuel and Renata in a festive atmosphere, 15 families participated in this special meeting devoted to the celebration of the Nativity.
For more information please contact us and on our Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Fundatia-Somerset-Iasi-302992270336/
SOMERSET Romania Foundation team wishes you a "Happy New Year!"


Newsletter made by Claudiu Plămădeală, Social Worker at Somerset Charity, Iași, Ro in collaboration with IF Luca
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