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Updated on May 25, 2017

Beauty poured into the realm of the biological clock

Beauty is a virtue at the border between sensibility and perfection, being much more profound, pronounced and practical than the former, and much less plastic and rigid than the latter. Beauty embeds purity, candor, truth and naturalness, reflecting in any organism or element, with or without life which makes up the universe. But above all things, beauty reflects most visibly in the millions of seconds which cumulate the human age.

Starting from the initial cell which embodies the genesis of a new life, continuing with the age when that cell becomes an adorable being, with the chocolate, stories and toys horizon... moving towards the moment when the child impersonates rebellion itself, proclaiming to be the centre of the universe in the scintillating search for true love... moving on sure-footedly towards the young man firm about shaping an independent life... enhancing the concept of man as an adult, having to balance family life, and concluding towards the wise old man who lived as if he made history, we can affirm wholeheartedly that beauty unfolds its wings towards every age.

Every age has its own beauty and experiences, as each of them is significant for the essential things that define human existence: uttering the first words, discovering writing, going through an educational itinerary, starting a family and rejoicing over witnessing your accomplishments after many years.

On one hand, I can sincerely claim that the life stage where worries make no sense and where tales seem to transpose into reality, represents the irreversible daydreaming phase of a man.

Childhood brings along beauty, purity, innocence, the absence of becoming aware of the existential crisis on a global level from all points of view, and the unintentional but hardly achievable hope of a fairytale life.

Next, adolescence defines and materializes the character of the child from the previous stage, being a substantial period for the future adult. The teenage years are years when a man accumulates the most of experiences and throughout them he develops significantly both physically and psychically.

It is the stage of life when friendships and love relationships are taking shape, a time of great emotional charge.

To conclude with, every man has the capacity of truthfully expressing the beauty of every stage of life in his own peculiar way, as far as he experienced each of them.

I personally chose to briefly render the most relevant ideas and experiences that a person my age passed through and passes through, making way through the winding pages of what is called the book of life, hoping that one day I will be able to draw a line and conclude that beauty comes in all shapes, measures, colours and ages.

Maria Alexandra, Somerset Charity, Iasi

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